Friday, June 24, 2011

Trick and No Treat with Scareware - Part 3

You think you installed the perfect virus protection…or did you get scammed?

You visit a website and see an ad touting an antivirus product second to none. You click on the ad link and are brought to the software manufacturer’s website. On the first page are recommendations and testimonials from third party security product testers ranking the product as the best in it’s class. You are impressed with how it stands up to Norton, McAfee, or Trend according to these recommendations. Besides, you are tired of your current antivirus slowing down your computer, and this product all but guarantees better performance. So, you take the plunge and buy the product.

Without realizing you’ve just been fooled into purchasing and installing a fake antivirus product. It is not only bogus, but all kinds of malware will be installed onto your computer. Welcome to one of cybercriminals favorite bait and switch scam. How do they get away with it?

They build a legitimate appearing website, falsify third party security product tester tests, and advertise using the same methods as legitimate security product companies. Yep, that’s the formula that rakes in millions for cybercriminals. And, you are left with an infected computer, a stolen credit card number, and a bruised ego from feeling like a fool.

How do you fight back? First, do some research before purchasing any security product. These websites below will help. They list legitimate antivirus products, and the corresponding websites. These security product testers will also give you a better idea of how effective one product is compared to another.