Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don’t Take Away My Netflix and Hulu! Why “Net Neutrality” Means Consumer Choice and Freedom of Expression

Without Net Neutrality sites like You Tube, Netflix, Hulu and Spotify may not even exist today. Cable companies like Comcast would prefer to choose what websites you could access by implementing censorship or slowing down the access to the point you would never visit the website. AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and other Internet Providers want to dismantle “Net Neutrality” so they can play middleman in order to make more money. They will find ways to charge you more for getting the same Internet service that you get right now.

  • According to Fight For The Future…Cable and phone companies like Comcast would be able to: 
  • Slow video streaming sites, causing your videos start and stop unexpectedly. 
  • Add new fees to your Internet bill. Imagine paying extra for YouTube! 
  • Censor videos or content they don’t agree with, like political blogs. 
  • Throttle any new sites or apps they don’t own or invest in. 
  • Make your connection painfully slow, and charge you more to make it work again. 
  • Force streaming sites like Spotify, Netflix, or Hulu into a slow lane, causing them to buffer constantly. 
  • Slow online gaming. Call of Duty would lag and glitch without paying more to your ISP. 
  • Charge big sites special “prioritization fees” and slow down everyone else. 
  • Take you out of the driver’s seat, and control what you see and hear online. Make the Internet look a lot more like cable TV. 
  • And, worst of all, become the first gatekeepers of the Internet in US history. 

Net neutrality says we get the *entire* web without interference – no gatekeepers, no tollbooths, no slowlanes. This is why it is considered the First Amendment of the Internet. It protects our free speech in the digital age.

Let the Federal Communications Commission know that you support Net Neutrality. Visit the website and submit a comment in favor of Net Neutrality.