Friday, July 26, 2013

Monitoring Removes the Mystery of What is Happening on Your Network

Monitoring Removes the Mystery of What is Happening on Your Business Network

Monitoring is so significant as far as system reliability that even if you didn’t practice maintenance the reliability of your business systems will be noticeably improved.  With monitoring you have an early warning system.  Microsoft has devoted a considerable sum of resources to build into its operating systems “sensors” that detect and record thousands of events occurring on your computer. 

For instance, you can know who accessed a file and when it was accessed.  You can find out what changes were made to your computer system  and when these changes were made. You can know when applications like viruses install on your computer.  Even hardware performance can be monitored for any decrease in performance. There are so many events that can be monitored that the possibilities are practically endless. Even so, in order for this kind of monitoring to be effective, you need to decide what is going to be monitored and enable the monitoring.  Even more important is that someone needs to be paying attention.  What good is computer monitoring if the alarms are blaring and the lights are flashing but no one is paying attention. 

Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have anyone monitoring their computer systems.  And, certainly, they don’t have monitoring set up or enabled.  This is truly a lost opportunity to vastly improve system reliability.  Wouldn’t you rather be warned that your computer is on the verge of collapsing or would you rather one day come to work and your computer won’t work without any warning?  Monitoring can make that kind of difference!

So, why are most small businesses not monitoring their network and systems?   

Because small businesses hire computer repair techs who make their money by repairing broken computers.  Let’s be honest, if you only pay a computer tech when your computers are broken, what is the financial incentive for the tech to prevent computer problems?…none!  What most small businesses lack, that most larger companies have, is full time salaried computer experts. For large organizations the computer tech’s raises and bonuses are predicated on reducing computer downtime.  If that tech wants a raise, then he better make sure the computers are always up and running.   

So what is the answer for a small business that can’t afford to pay the $90,000.00 salary to get a dedicated salaried computer technology expert who has the incentive to make sure the computers are always up and running?  Here is what you need to do… you need to find a tech support vendor that can be hired on a flat fee basis to do everything including maintenance, prevention and unlimited tech support.  Yes, UNLIMITED TECH SUPPORT is the key!  The unlimited tech support for a flat annual fee means the tech support company has the financial incentive to prevent computer breakdowns.   If the tech support company gets paid a flat fee, then the more computer crashes occur the less per hour the support company makes.  It is like having your very own tech expert on a salary!

So where do you find that kind of tech support company?  

Do an Internet search for “managed services” and you will find one in your area.  How expensive are “managed services”?  Honestly, these kind of businesses do NOT operate like Joe’s Cheap Tech Support.  So, don’t expect to get Walmart prices.  Yes, you may pay more for the expertise they bring.  But, your company will save money in the long run by increased productivity in having computers that work all the time as well as perform better and faster.  And, you get the added bonus of an expert who is on your side.