Saturday, January 30, 2016

Best Privacy Policy Statement Ever

Being a privacy advocate, I am one of the few people who actually read the privacy policy of a website.  Most privacy policies are so convoluted with legalese that the average person can't make any sense of it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a privacy policy statement that was simple, easy to understand, and clearly states the privacy protection principles of the business. The privacy policy statement below belongs to  (Why I was looking for a gong is a whole other story, which may be an entertaining story, yet irrelevant to discussing privacy policies. So, I will do the reader a favor and not digress.) Like all good privacy policies this one states what information the company collects and if they share that information with a third party.  What makes this one stand apart is the personable language that plainly states why they believe in protecting their client's privacy. Admittedly, I also like the emphatic and irreverent tone spiced with just the right amount of humor.  Read it below for yourself....


Everyone at Gongs Unlimited treasures their privacy and we trust that our customers treasure their privacy as well.  If you are anything like the 15 year old daughter of the Head Mallethead here, you really really treasure your privacy.  Because we are just a retail store. You come in and buy a gong. That's all we want to know.

We will never give your email address or any other information you used to purchase a gong to any third party. And not any fourth or fifth parties either.  Screw them! If you wanted Spam, you'd go to Hawaii and order some with eggs!

If you bought a gong at a local mall, you wouldn’t expect to be hounded by salespeople from other stores chasing you to your car, calling you and yelling into your phone, or filling your mailbox with garbage. We believe that you shouldn’t have to experience that in your computer when you buy a Gong either.


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